Her playing is high quality and full blooded”

She also served as Concertmistress of the Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra on various occasions as well as played the 1st violin in the Finnish National Opera Orchestra for three years, before embarking on a full time solo career.[11]In addition to the Sibelius Academy, Brava also studied privately with professor Mauricio Fuks in the USA[12] as well as took part in numerous master classes in Finland, France, and Israel one piece swimsuits, including Shlomo Mintz’s Keshet Eilon Violin Programme, studying with Shmuel Ashkenasi.[13][14]Lajos Garam, former leader of the Department of Soloists at the Sibelius Academy, has said that Brava “is a sensitive artistic type and very skillful and experienced as a musician. Her playing is high quality and full blooded”.[11] For conductor Atso Almila “it was self evident that she was going to be one of the most notable Finnish violinists.”[15] Violinist and pedagogue Pivyt Meller has stated that “Linda is very multiply gifted. She has aberrantly lots of capability of expression, strength and artistry and her playing is technically on quite a high level”,[11] while violinist and conductor Ari Angervo has said that Brava “just wanted to learn to play as well as possible, to go as deep as possible into music.

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